onelap match: best 3D online training app


Onelap is an application specializing in indoor cycling training. Diverse types of workouts satisfy your different fitness demands with the realistic outdoor cycling experience.
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onelap match: best 3D online training app

3D immersive virtual environment replicates the real-world outdoor cycling experience

onelap match: best 3D online training app

Diverse workout types satisfy different fitness demands

onelap match: best 3D online training app

Accurate data acquisition system ensures science-based and time-efficient workouts

onelap match: best 3D online training app

Explore a whole new world with Onelap


Engaging & Entertaining

Onelap creates a realistic environment with amazingly crisp detailed graphics, great color and a physical model that simulates the gradient, wind and rolling resistance of the real world, you can tailor every aspect of your avatar, bike and routes—no matter hilly route, flat route or mountain route, you can ride 100km without repeating the same roads.


Race Against Others

In Onelap, competition scenes and rules are realistically reproduced to ensure players feel racing in a real track cycling arena – all within their own home, you could compete against thousands of cyclists from all over the world, even those top-class cyclists when it comes to some world-class racing events.


Pedaling Rhythmically

Onelap's instructor-curated playlist includes thousands of songs, which were carefully selected under the direction of exercise science and FTP theory by our team of professionals, with the goal of matching the cadence with the rhythm perfectly; you can stay motivated and engaged along with the music.


OnelapFit is a one-stop cycling data management service platform for cycling enthusiasts.
Whether you participate in online races or complete daily training or outdoor training, we will record your every ride, and provide rigorous data analysis and professional performance management that help you achieve your training goals. We will be there every step of the way witnessing your growth.
Consider using our MAGENE Bike Computer or Onelap during cycling. After each cycling session, you can view and analyze your data on the OnelapFit and share it to Strava.