EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset Pro 2022

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Light, Integral, Aerodynamic Design, Excellent Performance

EXAR carbon wheelset Standard 2022 has been upgraded in many aspects. It has lighter body, wider rim, unique braking rim design. To get the best stiffness, it adopts elaborate hub structure, rim design and lacing pattern.

Frame Height
  • RB45 Pro
  • RB58 Pro
  • DB45 Pro
  • DB58 Pro

EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset Pro 2022
Light, Integral, Aerodynamic Design, Excellent Performance

Integral Design, No Sub-Assemblies

Instead of being a combination of components and sub-assemblies, EXAR carbon fiber wheelsets are quality and high-performing products featuring an integral design of appearance, weight, and performance.
Lighter, Always with You

EXAR Pro series rims are made of HI-MOD T800 carbon fiber with special rim structure which offers an optimized blend of weight, strength and durability. EXAR wheelsets are 70-160g lighter than most of other products of the same rim deep.

Wider for Better Aerodynamics

EXAR 2022 wheelset series have an external width of 27mm and an internal width of 20mm, which are wider than most of existing wheelset products.
The rear wheel of the Pro series with a rim brake is designed with an external width of 26mm and an internal width of 19.5mm for better compatibility with the caliper brake.

Braking Rim Dewatering Line Design

The unique grooved dewatering line of the Pro series rim brake wheelsets quickly drains water and improves braking performance. The braking rim is made of resin that be resistant to high temperature up to 240, eliminating the concern of rim blowing up or melting.
Unique Rim Design

To improve the wheelset stability, stiffness and crosswind resistance of different frame heights, targeted wheel rim designs were made.
The cross-sections of EXAR 2022 wheelsets are redesigned for greater stability and rigidity.

Elaborate Hub Structure

The rear-wheel hub WR size is increased to ensure consistent spoke tension on bothe driving and non-driving side, hence to deliver outstanding lateral stiffness.
Adopting FEA technology and conducting several tests to identify the maximum force on the hub, to get a light and sturdy hub.

Balance Stiffness

To obtain a better balance lateral stiffness, driving stiffness and braking effect, the front and rear spokes of the disc brake variants have applied a 2:1 balanced lacing pattern, and the hub geometry has been adjusted accordingly.
Frame Height RB45 Pro & DB45 Pro: 45mm / RB58 Pro & DB58 Pro :58mm
Weight RB45 Pro:1330g / RB58 Pro:1440g / DB45 Pro :1390g / DB58 Pro:1490g . (The weight of wheelset does not include the weight of a quick release skewer and a tire cushion. The weight has an error of ±3%.)
External Rim Width RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro:Front wheel 27mm, rear wheel 26mm / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro:27mm
Internal Rim Width RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro :Front wheel 20mm, rear wheel 19.5mm / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro :20mm
Rim Material T800
Brake RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro:Rim brake with dewatering line design / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro :Center lock disc brake
Spoke Type Pillar wing20
Front Wheel Spoke Tension 100kgf±10%
Rear Wheel Spoke Tension RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro :Drive side 120kgf±10%, Non-drive side 110kgf±10% / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro :120kgf±10%
Front Wheel Spoke Lacing Pattern RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro : Straight-pull, 16H / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro :21H, 2:1, Brake side×2, Non-brake side (Straight Pull)
Rear Wheel Spoke Lacing Pattern RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro : 21H, 2:1, Drive side×2, Non-drive side (Straight Pull) / DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro:24H, 2:1, Drive side×2, Brake side×2
Rim Type Non-asymmetric
Frame Spacing RB45 Pro & RB58 Pro:100/130mm quick release ;DB45 Pro & DB58 Pro:100/142mm thru-axle (100/135mm quick release, available separately)
Freehub Standard SHIMANO 11-speed (CP cassette body, available separately for XDR cassette body)
Compatible Cassette SHIMANO 8-11 speed, SRAM 8-12 speed (Available separately for XDR cassette body for 12-speed). Campagnolo 8-12 speed (Available separately for CP cassette body in all models)
Compatible Frame 130mm quick release rim brake, 142mm thru-axle disc brake, 135mm quick release disc brake (Available separately for conversion kits).
In the box

RB45 Pro/RB58 Pro

  • Carbon Fiber Front Wheel*1
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel*1
  • Vacuum Tire Cushion*2 (factory-installed)
  • User manual*1
  • Special Carbon Fiber Composite Brake Block*4
  • Quick Release*2
  • Vacuum Valve Stem*2

DB45 Pro

  • Carbon Fiber Front Wheel*1
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel*1
  • Tubeless Rim Tape*2 (factory-installed)
  • User Manual*1
  • Vacuum Valve Stem*2

DB58 Pro

  • Carbon Fiber Front Wheel*1
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel*1
  • Vacuum Tire Cushion*2 (factory-installed)
  • User Manual*1
  • Vacuum Valve Stem*2

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