Magene G601 Smart Exercise Bike

Onelap Gaming Power Exercise Bike (G601)

Online e-racing, let the passion flow!

G601 is an immersive exercise bike that can be connected to cycling training software. Through the 3D-simulated realistic environments, you can experience immersive e-racing, no more boring exercise, feel the new experience of indoor riding.

Competitive e-racing

The Onelap gaming indoor smart bike & trainer can be connected to a variety of cycling training software, such as Onelap, Zwift, etc., to experience immersive e-racing gaming cycling in 3D simulated real-world levels, even indoors, you can experience the thrill of outdoor cycling. Ride with your friends online, sports will no longer be difficult due to loneliness.

Easy to use

With a built-in battery there’s no need to plug it in. Indoor riding is no longer limited by the length of your power cord. The main body of the bike is small but strong, covering an area of only about 0.5 square meters, allowing you to unleash your speed and passion anywhere, anytime.

User-friendly ergonomic design

Magnetically controlled resistance adjustment, 8-level speed gear matching, high-precision power detection to meet various sports needs. The bike is designed with a freewheel, and the flywheel is fully enclosed to ensure you can exercise in safety. The multi-wedge silent transmission belt creates a quiet riding environment and maintains the tranquility of home.

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Product Introduction


Application Scenario
User group
Height: 155-185cm, weight: Less than 120kg
Resistance system
Magnetic control resistance system of permanent magnet
Flywheel weight
Overall weight
Overall dimensions
Is there an electronic screen
Communication protocol
Power, speed and cadence
Resistance adjustment
Manual, 8 gears resistance
Crank length
Maximum power
350W (@100RPM 8 gears)
Power accuracy/working condition
Mute requirement
Power supply mode
AA battery x 2
OTA upgrading
Adjusting mode
Adjustable height of the seat post and fore and aft of the seat
Riding posture
Mobile phone holder
Mobile phone and tablet holder with sucker
Does it support external power supply
Water bottle holder
Transmission mechanism
Belt drive, ordinary single speed scheme
9/16” universal bicycle pedal without toe clip
Moving roller
The front foot pipe is equipped with pulleys inside for easy movement


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