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Magene Smart Spinning Bike (MG80)

Create your own smart home gym

MG80 smart bike is a home-use electromagnetic controlled, silent and compact bike designed for fat burning and weight loss. The accompanying APP's online smart courses can be customized for exclusive intensive weight loss or fitness courses. 1 to 1 real trainer service is available and can remotely arrange training plans and exercise data training.

Competitive riding

The smart spin bike can be connected to a variety of cycling training software, such as Onelap, Zwift, etc., experience immersive competitive cycling in the 3D simulated real-world levels, online cycling makes sports fun.

Intelligent guidance

The accompanying app provides a smart way of providing the correct level of exercise intensity through careful adjustment of the electromagnetically controlled resistance. With a 100-level high-end electromagnetic resistance system there is seamless variable resistance. An AI coach will give audio cues to guide you throughout the whole process, to provide you with meticulous novice counseling, colorful training courses, and tailor-made training plans.

User-friendly, ergonomic design

A lightweight bike, with a net weight of only 30kg, it occupies less than half a square meter, saving every inch of precious home space. Doubly-silent design, allows for low decibel riding so you can ride without disturbing the neighbors. Saddle height and handlebar height adjusted via our self-designed patented quick clamp, which can be accurate to the millimeter level, suitable for people of all ages and different heights and weights. The flywheel is fully enclosed, and it can stop at the touch of a button to provide extra safe training.

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Product Introduction


Application Scenario
User group
Height: 155-185cm, weight: Less than 115kg
Resistance system
Electromagnetic resistance
Flywheel weight
Overall weight
Overall dimensions
Is there an electronic screen
Small display
Small display
Power, speed and cadence
Resistance adjustment
Automatic adjustment
Crank length
Maximum power
Power accuracy/working condition
Mute requirement
Power supply mode
AC/DC ADAPTER Input:110~240V Output:12V 4A
OTA upgrading
Adjusting mode
Adjustable height of front vertical pipe and seat post
Riding posture
Seated, standing
Mobile phone holder
Mobile phone and tablet holder with sucker
Does it support external power supply
Water bottle holder
Transmission mechanism
Belt drive, fixed gear scheme
Special pedal with toe clip
Moving roller
The front foot pipe is equipped with pulleys for easy movement


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