P325 Bike Power Meter

P325 Rechargeable Cycling Power Meter

Core technology breakthrough, a new journey

The P325 Rechargeable Cycling Power Meter is the third generation of Magene P series power meters, which can provide precise power data and extremely low data latency. It has a new strain gauge cadence algorithm, which is more comprehensive compared to the previous two generations. The performance is optimized, and the power accuracy is more stable and reliable.

Different options to meet your needs

P325 has four different products: P325 full-featured dual-sided power meter, P325Lite dual-sided power meter, P325L single-sided left power meter, P325R single-sided right power meter. You can choose the most suitable power product according to your own situation. Among them, the P325Lite retains the important core functions of the P325 such as power and cadence. The dual-sided left and right balance, torque efficiency, and pedaling smoothness functions can be activated for a fee (via Magene Utility).

Multi-colored covers, easy to match your style

Available in dazzling black, metallic red, and pearlescent white The white cover uses a chameleon clearcoat process, which will shine with colorful luster under different light angles, adding some bling to your bike.

Power accuracy that is reliable, lasting and stable

The cadence measurement method using strain gauge + accelerometer is optimized based on the previous two generations of power algorithms, Abnormal data can be eliminated through the detected cadence signal to ensure that the power accuracy reaches ±1.5%"

Easy magnetic charging, long 200 hour battery life

In-built batteries, the left and right sides are individually charged with magnetic chargers. Fully charged the battery life can reach 200 hours."

Super waterproof, no fear when washing or riding

IPX7 waterproof rating, no fear of bike washes or all-weather riding."

Super compatible, everything under control

All-new case shape and location give almost perfect compatibility with chainstay-mounted brake calipers. Compatible with all kinds of ANT+™ and Bluetooth protocol equipment, exercise data can be recorded on multiple devices to meet the needs of multiple scenarios."

Lightweight design, ultimate weight-weenie experience

The industry's top-level lightweight design, the left side module weighs only 8g, the right side only 15g, therefore giving an entire module weight of only 23g"

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Product Introduction


Power accuracy
Product type
Bilateral crank type
8g on the left and 15g on the right
200 hours
Power supply mode
Lithium battery
Connection protocol
ANT+™, Blue-tooth Smart4.2
Waterproof grade
Power range
0-2400 W
Cadence range
20-240 rpm
Working temperature
-10~50 ℃
Thickness on the left side
4.2-8.2 mm
Data functions
Power, cadence, left-right balance, torque effectiveness, pedaling smoothness
Power meter *1, product manual *1, charging cable *1, housing screw *2, colorful (black, red and white) housing *3, screwdriver *1


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