QED Split Chainring

QED Crankset for Road Bike

Advanced Level - Witness Every Transformation of Spirit and Strength

Training and promotion happen over a professional rider's career. The QED crankset has excellent mechanical quality and the optimal balance of weight and rigidity. Perfectly cope with the stringent demand for equipment during training, feel the cycling tension brought by the power at all times.

7075 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Stiffness Improved

The stiffness of the crank will directly affect the rider's pedaling feel and pedaling efficiency, long hours of riding and professional training require a lightweight and extremely stiff crank. QED crank is made of ultralight 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and adopts an II-Gen top triple hollow design to strengthen the structure. In comparison with other brand products under the same weight, the vertical stiffness of the QED crank is 12% stronger.

Integrated Structure for Lightweight Design

The bolt-free and geometric structure makes QED chainring lighter and has better lateral stiffness. It achieves better transmission efficiency in extreme cases where the maximum or minimum cassette is applied. The chainring provides an exquisite balance of weight, stiffness and durability performance.

Accurate and Smooth Speed Control

The basic principle of chainring design is accurate and smooth speed control, and the key to realizing this is the design of the speed control function area. QED chainrings are configured with different numbers of functional areas in different teeth ratios, under an optimized design of mechanical transition zone to improve the efficiency of speed control in complex road conditions. In comparison with I-Gen, the speed control efficiency has been improved by 14%, and it is perfectly compatible with 11-12 speed chains.

Highly Compatible, Stiff, Light DUB Spindle

The spindle is an important structure connecting the frame, and the design technology has a vital influence on transmission efficiency and durability. QED spindle is made of 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. The larger diameter design of DUB has a lighter weight, better stiffness and better waterproof performance than the normal 24mm steel spindle.

Perfectly Compatible with Devices and Apps

Compatible with various ANT+™ and Bluetooth devices sand can be connected to major brand bike computers such as Magene, Garmin, Bryton, etc. And training APPs such as Onelap, OnelapFit, Zwift, etc. So that you can record data in multiple interfaces for one workout.

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Product Introduction


Average weight
Chainring set
165, 167.5, 170;172.5, 175
Supported Speed
11-12 speed
Spindle Type
Q- 147mm
12 months


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