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<p>Light, Integral, Aerodynamic Design, Excellent Performance</p>


<p>Light, Integral, Aerodynamic Design, Excellent Performance</p>


About EXAR

EXAR is a sub-brand of Magene on bicycle components and parts, created by a group of geeks with love for cycling in Magene.

That is why EXAR was born.

Cycling has its charm in its ability to maximize the dynamic balance in power and beauty, movement and stillness, and riders and bicycles. High-quality components can help riders ignite their passion for speed and continue to cycle forward. In the choice of ideal components and parts, riders not only focus on the appearance, weight, price and performance, but also give careful attention to their own needs... Therefore, how to best meet riders requirements is what we must consider.

That is why EXAR was born.

We have also tried numerous options on how to deliver the best riding experience with highly cost-effective. After countless trials and errors, we make up our mind to stop selection from products available in the market, but make the first move in product research and development.

A promising future to be expected!

EXAR's goal is to continuously provide high quality bicycle components, bringing riders unlimited riding pleasure through our unremitting commitment to products and technology.

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