Magene eBike System

Magene e-bike system is designed to provide riders with a comprehensive solution that not only enhances their safety but also allows them to focus on enjoying their cycling. The system is composed of eBike Connected App, display, controller, BB torque sensor, electronic shifting, and radar sensor. With fully adapted components and app, software updates and new features can be installed over-the-air conveniently at any time.


The Magene controller adopts a centralized outlet design and is equipped with waterproof cables as a standard for avoiding damage from water. Compared with the waterproof connectors with a diameter of 8 mm to 10 mm on the market, the 6 mm-diameter connector of MAGENE is smaller and easier to plug in and out and 35.5 mm-length cables are much easier to hide in the bike frame. Moreover, the MAGENE controller adopts the self-developed automatic assist and smooth assist algorithm, which ensures a smoother riding experience.

Magene CR70

500W-750W Compatible Wholely aluminum alloy base, heat dissipation improved by 30% with lifespan 30% longer Auto Assist Function, Smooth Assist Function

Magene CR31

250W-350W Compatible Smart device supportive by wire Simple Wire, waterproof cable and plug standard configuration Auto Assist Function, Smooth Assist Function

Magene CR71

500W-750W Compatible Smart device supportive by wire Simple Wire, waterproof cable and plug standard configuration Auto Assist Function, Smooth Assist Function


MAGENE DY series covers a variety of products with different configurations and functions which are all built in Bluetooth module to connect APP to get more rich data and settings.

Magene DY30

Better interactions and user experience with BLE and APP;

Built-in light sensor module, intelligent brightness control of eBike light;

Switch horizontal/vertical screen display;

Supporting the combined use of Magene wire/wireless remotes;

Supporting radar animation interaction;

Magene DY21

LCD Display Built-in Bluetooth module; Connect to APP to display more data; Dual power switch; Shifting control

Magene DY12

LED Display Ergonomic-design buttons. feature more comfortable touching; Mirroring-design installation. The display can be installed on the left or right or both sides of the handlebar, used separately or Simultaneously; Built-in light sensor module.

Magene DY11

LED Display Simple design; Better interactions and user experience with BLE and APP; Electronic shifting supportive (Optional)

Torque Sensor

With a delay of less than 10 ms and an accuracy of more than 1.5%, Magene SR20 torque sensor can effectively reduce the possible situation that users step on the pedals but the power assist response is delayed or users stop stepping on the pedals but the assist still exists when riding, so as to ensure an enjoyable cycling experience.

Magene SR20

Hollow BB, axle and sleeve separated, axle and spider integrated, weight only 460g, saving 50% installation and dismount time Digital signal, delay≤10ms, precision ±1.5%, more advanced and smart cycling experience

Electronic Shifting

The ED20 small-volume wire actuator solution can realize gear shifting via buttons, which can effectively reduce finger fatigue or pain and is more accurate. Moreover, the handlebar is more concise by removing the mechanical shifting. The product is small in size, easier to install and hide, and the cycling experience can be upgraded without any bike modification.

Magene ED20

Perfect integration - ED20 can be integrated into eBike systems through wired connection and powered by the eBike battery, to improve the use experience of the whole system.

Easy installation - the ED20 is small, easy to install, and can also be hidden in the bike frame;

Better cost performance - the ED20 pull actuator can reduce the cost by 80% compared to the direct drive rear

Radar Sensor

To pursue safer riding, MAGENE has included the RL51 small-size radar sensor, which can help detect the speed and distance of approaching vehicles within 140 m behind in real-time. Working with displays the vehicles behind can be observed without looking back. The product is small in size and can be directly installed on the rear end of the seat.

Magene RL51

Work with the taillight
Get more safety warnings, ensuring the user's riding safety.

Integrated into eBike systems
Through wired connection to access the system and powered by the eBike battery, to interact with displays.


All the components in the Magene eBike system are fully adapted and connected and can be displayed and set via the app. Currently, Magene has planned different software for users and customization parties.

eBike Factory

Components set-up and adjustment Configuration files storing in the cloud and mass importing Simplify production process and improving efficiency

eBike Connect

OTA Upgrading together with all electronic components Setting function like display key customize, assist level customize etc. Cycling and cycling record

Any Further Questions?

For more information about Magene eBike Systems, you can contact us here. 

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