Unlocking Your Cycling Potential: The Benefits of Training with a Power Meter


Unlocking Your Cycling Potential: The Benefits of Training with a Power Meter

Unlocking Your Cycling Potential: The Benefits of Training with a Power Meter

Data will always give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to your training. Using devices such as cadence sensors and heart rate monitors makes a huge difference.

One of the best devices you can use is a power meter, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this article, we want to tell you what a power meter is and the benefits you are going to get from using one. 

What Is a Power Meter?

A power meter is a tool a cyclist can use to measure their power output while riding. A power meter measures your power in watts, a common term you will encounter in cycling. Essentially a power meter is a strain gauge. It measures the torque and angular velocity to calculate the power.


What are The Benefits Of Using a Power Meter?

Using a power meter has many benefits. If you are considering using a power meter, here’s what you need to know:

Instant Data: A power meter can send data instantly to your cycling computer, giving real-time feedback on your current riding. This makes riding much more interesting, and you can use that data to ensure that you're getting what you need and want out of the ride.


A good example is if you are going into a headwind, you can see the power you are producing, as the effort probably won't reflect in the speed you’re doing. This helps you understand how hard you're working in different situations. 

Improved Training Sessions: When using a power meter, you can explore a whole new level of training sessions. Using watts and the data from the power meter, you can create training sessions that will make the adaptations you want as a cyclist. 

Great For Testing: Having a power meter makes testing easy. The best way to measure your cycling fitness is to do an FTP test, and you need a power meter to do this. A power meter is an excellent way to track your progress through a training plan, and coaches would expect you to have one.

Makes Pacing Easy:

Having a power meter is vital for pacing. Using the power meter, you can give the correct work effort you need for a ride or a race, no matter how hilly it may be or how much headwind you have. Many cyclists pace purely on power meter data to win a race.

It’s Fun: Having a power meter is a lot of fun and adds an element of excitement to your riding. When you push up climbs and you’re in those sprints you can see a number and it almost feels like a high score on a game.

Can Help You Lose Weight: Having a power meter is great for helping you lose weight. Not only does it help you track the calories you're burning more accurately but it also can ensure you work hard enough while out riding.

It Helps Your Learn How To Cycle Efficiently: Using a power meter, you can see where you are the most efficient. For example, if you go up a hill at 12mph, you can see if you are better seated or standing to achieve that. A power meter really helps improve pedaling technique. 

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