Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter's Path to Market in Japan


Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter's Path to Market in Japan

Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter's Path to Market in Japan

At Magene, we take pride in the achievements of our partners. Today, we turn our gaze towards Japan, where our distributor has broken into the highly competitive market, powered by the Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter.


Embracing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities 

In Japan, an engineering and manufacturing powerhouse, entering a market where the cycling sport is relatively mature and has a high entry threshold presents a formidable challenge.

However, the market's demand for a solution that would minimize replacement costs while upgrading riders' equipment was evident. This was where the PES P505 Base Power Meter emerged as an irresistible choice. The power meter adopted SHIMANO's 24mm spindle design, allowing riders to upgrade without substantial replacement costs. 


Where PES P505 Base Power Meter Meets Market Opportunity

The PES P505 Base Power Meter stands out in a crowded market for several reasons. 

First of all, it strikes the perfect balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. 

Secondly, the 24mm steel spindle design ensures easy upgrading, making it particularly appealing to SHIMANO users. Furthermore,to ensure compatibility, the power meter features a 4-bolt 110BCD configuration, which offers greater compatibility and significantly reduces the cost of switching components. Besides, it delivers excellent and reliable data with an impressive power accuracy of ±1.5%, ensuring riders can trust the data for performance analysis and training adjustments.

These distinctive attributes come together to make PES P505 Base Power Meter an exceptional choice in the competitive cycling market.

Amplifying Influence: Tuning into Market Voices

To embrace the opportunities the PES P505 Base Power Meter offered, a series of marketing campaigns were embarked upon. Presence was made at major industry events, including the Cycle Mode Tokyo, where the attention of GCN Japan, the top-tier media outlet was caught. The impact of this exposure was invaluable, establishing the power meter as a notable competitor in the cycling industry.

Strong ties to the local cycling community were leveraged. Influencers shared their experiences and reviews with the PES P505 Base Power Meter. Their positive reviews echoed through the community, reinforcing its credibility and appeal to local riders.

Additionally, digital advertising platforms were utilized. These targeted advertisements reached the very heart of the cycling community, sparking interest and driving sales. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers added to this momentum, creating a snowball effect.


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