Unleash Your Creativity! Creative Workshop is Coming!


Unleash Your Creativity! Creative Workshop is Coming!

Unleash Your Creativity! Creative Workshop is Coming!

As the first bicycle tail light supporting custom pattern creation, L308 Intelligent Expression Tail Light has inspired cyclists to explore a wide range of creative designs since its launch. It can be an abstract art exhibition, a meme images collection, or a mini “gaming consoles”. While ensuring safety, this small light enhances the joy of cycling.

With limitless inspiration, L308 takes its functionality to the next level. "Creative Workshop" is coming!

Safety First
Designed for reliability and visibility, Magene L308 enhance your presence on the road. Choose a image in the Creative Workshop, and illuminate your path with Magene L308, ensuring you're visible and safe on every ride. 


Style Always
In the Creative Workshop, showcase your creativity by sharing your own tail light pattern designs, inspiring fellow riders worldwide. Effortlessly replicate pattern designs from others with just one click!

Tailor every detail to suit your style and needs, whether you're a city commuter or a professional rider. Stand out with L308 that reflects your unique personality. 

How to show your funny designs for L308 taillight in the Creative Workshop?


Connect the L308 Intelligent Expression Taillight with the OnelapFit App, access its homepage, and click [Creative Workshop] to enter.



To share your own creations:

1. Click [Publish Your Work] in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Select the design you want to publish, and add a description.

3. Then click [Post for Review], and once approved by the officials, it will be displayed in the Creative Workshop.


If you want to use designs from other cyclists: 

1. Enter the homepage of the emojis you like.

2. Click [Collect] button in the bottom right corner, and then [Save] to apply it directly.

Post your creation and explore the hidden joy of the L308 Intelligent Expression Tail Light together!


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