Auto-eBike Solution: Automatic shifting + Automatic assistance


Auto-eBike Solution: Automatic shifting + Automatic assistance

Auto-eBike Solution: Automatic shifting + Automatic assistance

We have been thinking about creating a more immersive riding experience and allowing riders to focus more on the ride itself. 

How about an automatic electric bike?

Step 1, Automatic gear shifting

Through the self-developed algorithm system, combined with the display and ED20, the system will automatically switch to the appropriate flywheel according to the changes of the riding environment, such as the change of road surface, the increase/decrease of slope, the change of wind resistance, bike starting/stopping, etc., so that the rider can enjoy the ride in different scenes without manual operation.

Step 2, Automatic assistance 

Magene controllers can enable the automatic assist function according to the pedaling status of riders and automatically adjust the degree of assist according to different riding scenarios. A slope of less than 6% can be easily passed without changing the speed or any other operation. 

So without any manual operation, paying no attention to gear shifting, you can be more focused on the riding experience and enjoy safer riding in special scenes. Find out more solutions and components of Magene ebike system here.

With our professional cycling experience, Magene has always hoped to create different system solutions in the eBike field to achieve more enjoyable cycling experiences. Sharing the same pursuit, Magene has established long-term and stable cooperation with customers such as Decathlon, Wahoo, Giant, and other leading enterprises.


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