Thrills, surprises, and sparks--witness the highlights of international cycling e-race


Thrills, surprises, and sparks--witness the highlights of international cycling e-race

Thrills, surprises, and sparks--witness the highlights of international cycling e-race

The international cycling E-race supported by Magene successfully concluded on December 3rd. On that unforgettable Saturday night, 15 powerful competitors from China, Malaysia, and Thailand went through a tough but exhilarating competition. There’s no better way to celebrate the marvelous match than witnessing the passion and drama of this thrilling match!

Competition Highlights
The competition was divided into the stage of the sprint route, and the stage of the mountain climbing route. Each stage of the race can score points for their team in the overall standings.

As the competition began, participating riders all brought out their full strength to fight for victory. Even as the avatars in Onelap seemed to ride with ease, this competition was far from effortless. Riders all pedaled with full force, “feeling” the terrain of the course. 

In the stage of the sprint route, BI Haoran, HAN Xuxiang, ZHANG Di from China, and Sarawut Sirironnachai, Peerapong Ladngern from Thailand pulled ahead of the rest and led to the last part of the race. Sarawut Sirironnachai, who currently rides for Thai UCI Continental cycling team, tried to break away and seized advantage of the race, but HAN Xuxiang and ZHANG Di successfully caught up. BI Haoran, the MVP of the China team, followed closely behind his team members, rode out of the saddle near the finish line, and then sprinted again to the 1st place.

In the climbing stage, the elevation settings of more than 91m brought a great challenge to competitors. Thai and Chinese competitors were hard to separate and took turns to lead. Even in the final stage, the intensity of the competition has not decreased at all. The see-saw situation was broken till the last minute when Sarawut sprinted with full power and took the first place, which is the most impressive moment on that Saturday night.

Competition Results 

First cycling team: China
First sprint team: China
First climbing team: China
MVP of China team: HAN Xuxiang & ZHANG Di (China)
MVP of Thailand team: Sarawut Sirironnachai (Thailand)
MVP of Malaysia team: Dariel Goh Choong Wai (Malaysia)
King of sprint: BI Haoran (China)
King of climbing: Sarawut Sirironnachai (Thailand)

Though the international cycling E-race came to the end, Magene indoor bike training season is underway.

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