Smart System for a Hub-drive ebike


Smart System for a Hub-drive ebike

Smart System for a Hub-drive ebike

There are 2 different eBike system in the market, Hub Drive and Mid Drive, which vary in design and location.


Hub Drive places the motor in the rear wheel's hub and transmits power to the main frame through a chain or gear, driving the bicycle forward. Hub Drive systems usually have higher efficiency and performance, making them perfect for high-speed and high-power riding.


Mid Drive,also known as a mid-mounted driver, places the motor on the main frame of the bicycle. This design has a motor that transmits power to the driving wheel through a chain or gear, propelling the bicycle forward. Mid Drive systems usually have a smaller size and weight, making them suitable for urban commuting and lightweight riding.


Each driving system has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different riding needs. There is no absolute difference in quality between the two; it all depends on personal preferences and specific needs.


Magene's intelligent eBike system provides a one-stop solution for hub drive ebike. According to the different consumer demands in European and American markets, Magene controllers covers a power range from 250W to 750W, and can be installed in the battery compartment or inside the frame according to the requirements. The automatic and smooth power assistance of Magene controller has greatly upgraded the riding experience, making it more effort-saving and worry-free.


Magene also developed several display products to meet the requirements of different consumer habits. It can provide rich data is rich and can be customized through the APP eBike Connect, so that important information is always in control. Not only information display, but also through connecting electronic shifting, radar sensors, etc., the whole system can achieve a smarter, safer, and more convenient riding experience.


From the torque sensor to the controller, from the electronic transmission to the radar sensor, the eBike system components not only make riding safer and more comfortable, but also allow for functional debugging and customization through a dedicated app, making your bike more suits you.

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